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DOLANG Technology has been a driving force behind the Chinese industry for training equipment since 1998. We are a hi-tech enterprise that operates with official government support. As a professional manufacturer, we maintain specialized departments for development, production, distribution, and service. MORE >>

    1. Advanced Electro Pneumatic Training System
    2. Advanced Electro Pneumatic Training System It uses a separate relay control unit and multiple buttons for electrical control. Users can also choose a PLC so as to further understand and master the PLC. The PLC can communicate with a PC to realize intelligent control. The DLQD-DP202 advanced electro pneumatic training system is added with electronic control units on the basis of DLQD-DP101 pneumatic training system.
    1. Advanced Electro Hydraulic Training System
    2. Advanced Electro Hydraulic Training SystemThis product can be used to train basic hydraulic control and advanced hydraulic control. Meanwhile, proportional and servo control can also be implemented on this equipment. The DLYY-DH202 advanced electro hydraulic training system is developed according to the teaching and training requirements of vocational education. It integrates actual hydraulic components, execution modules, relay control unit, and PLC unit. Students can assemble various ...
    1. Five-axis Pneumatic Manipulator Training Device
    2. Five-axis Pneumatic Manipulator Training DeviceThis training device is made up of the working portion, control portion, and the PC interface. The working portion is equipped with multiple industrial sensors. The control portion adopts three control modes, PLC control, SCM control, and host computer control, to complete the control of the whole system.
    1. Automatic Storage and Retrieval System Training Set
    2. Automatic Storage and Retrieval System Training SetThe DLFA-ASRSB02 automatic storage and retrieval system training set is composed of the control mechanism, cargo lifting and storing mechanism, 12 warehouses, cargo transferring mechanism, and other components.
    1. Factory Automatic Production Trainer
    2. Factory Automatic Production TrainerMachining simulation system
      DC motor and belt transmission
      Controller optional, such as PLC or PC-based controller
      Safe and durable short-circuit protection device
    1. Automatic Part Marking Trainer
    2. Automatic Part Marking TrainerThis training equipment is composed of the aluminum alloy platform, feeding mechanism, manipulator, material conveying mechanism, material sorting mechanism, and other components. This DLFA-BJJ03 automatic part marking trainer is able to simulate the working condition of the industrial automatic part marking machine. It can print words with seal paste on the parts. It is made up of the control portion, working portion, and the host computer interface.