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Electric Motor and Transformer Comprehensive Experimental Device

Model: DLWD-DJ21

Technical parameters of the electric motor and transformer comprehensive experimental device
Total dimension: 1950×700×1500mm
Input power: three-phase, five-wire 380V±10%   50Hz/60Hz
Output power :
AC 380V Adjustable power safety terminal output
AC 220V Safety terminal isolation output
AC 24V Safety terminal isolation output
DC 220V Safety terminal isolation output

Capacity: < 1.5KVA

Experiment project of the electric motor and transformer comprehensive experimental device
1. DC motor experiment

a) DC generator
b) DC shunt motor
c) DC motor start: series resistance start, reduction voltage start
d) The method of DC motor change veer
e) DC motor speed regulation characteristic experiment: change the armature loop in resistance, excitation circuit in a resistance, to reduce the armature voltage

2. Single-phase transformer experiment
a), Single-phase transformer variable ratio K
b), Single-phase transformer no-load experiment, acquisition of transformer no-load data IO, PO and UO.
c), Single-phase transformer short-circuit experiment, acquisition of transformer short-circuit data UK, IK and RK.
d), Single-phase transformer load experiment, acquisition of transformer load data UZ = f (IZ).

3. Three-phase transformer experiment
a), Three-phase transformer winding polarity measurement
b), Three-phase transformer coupling group measurement

4. Asynchronous motor experiment
a), Three-phase winding asynchronous motor stator resistance test
b), Three phase asynchronous motor no-load experiment: acquisition of no-load voltage U0, current I0, three-phase power P0, draw no load characteristic curve
c), Three phase asynchronous motor short circuit experiment: acquisition shorted UK voltage, current IK, power PK, draw short circuit characteristic curve
d), Calculate three phase asynchronous motor parameter
e), Mechanical properties of three phase asynchronous motor in various operating conditions

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