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Electro Hydraulic Training Set

Model: DLYY-DH201

Technical parameter of the electro hydraulic training set
Hydraulic unit
Power: 1.1KW
Rotating speed: 1420r/Min
Voltage: 380V, 50Hz/60Hz
System flow: 4.5L/min
Working pressure: ≤ 6Mpa
Workbench size: 1360 X 650 X 1650mm
Aluminum panel size: 1200 (L) X 600 (W)

Teaching resources
Hydraulic simulation software
Lead frame
DLYY-FLS1 Hydraulic flip, stretching training object

Training contents of the electro hydraulic training set
1. Basic electric control
a) Lights on control
b) Lights out control
c) And logic control
d) Or logic control
e) Logic combination control
f) Relay self-lock control
g) The usage of proximity sensor
2. Hydraulic control circuit
a) Manual shuttle valve reversing circuit
b) Solenoid valve reversing circuit
c) Lock circuit
3. Pressure control circuit
a) Single grade pressure regulating circuit
b) Secondary level pressure regulating
c) Single pressure reducing circuit
d) Level 2 pressure circuit
e) The unloading circuit using “M” “H” type manual shuttle valves
f) The unloading circuit using pilot relief valve
g) The balance circuit using the sequence valve
h) Liquid control one-way valve pressure maintenance.
i) The one-way back pressure circuit using relief valve
4. The flow speed circuit using throttle valve
5. Speed regulator circuit using speed regulator valve
a) Enter oil-way throttle speed regulation
b) Back oil-way throttle speed regulation
c) Side oil-way throttle speed regulation
d) Speed synchronous circuit of the speed regulation valve
e) Parallel circuit of the speed regulation valve
f) Series circuit of the speed regulation valve
6. Fast moving circuit of hydraulic cylinder connection
7. Sequence action circuit using sequence valve
8. Sequence action circuit using stroke switch control
9. Sequence action circuit using pressure relay control
10. One-way atresia circuit using hydraulic control one-way valve
11. Double-way atresia circuit using hydraulic control one-way valve
12. Locking circuit using type O manual shuttle valve
13. Relay control hydraulic basic circuit
14. The other circuit design by themselves

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