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Electro Pneumatic Training Set

Model: DLQD-DP201

Technical parameters of the electro pneumatic training set
Power unit - air compressor (Basic configuration minicomputers)
Power source: AC 220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
Motor power: 600w
Nominal volume: 9L Rated output pressure 0.7MPa
Noise grade: 66dB
Workbench size: 1360 X 650 X 1650mm
Aluminum panel size: 1200 (L) X 600 (W)

Training content of the electro pneumatic training set
Pneumatic basic control circuit experiment
Single acting cylinder automatic control
Double acting cylinder automatic control
PLC control technical application
Relay control technical application
Other comprehensiveness, expansibility experiment type pneumatic circuit

Pneumatic basic experiment circuits illustrated:
Single acting cylinder reversing circuit,
Double acting cylinder reversing circuit,
Single acting cylinder speed control circuit,
Double acting cylinder one-way speed regulation circuit
Double acting cylinder both-way speed regulation circuit
Speed changing-over circuit
Buffering circuit
Twice pressure control circuit
High and low voltage convert circuit
Delay circuit
Overload protection circuit
Interlocking circuit
Single cylinder single reciprocating control circuit
Single cylinder continuous reciprocating action circuit
Multi cylinder sequence action circuit
Double-cylinder synchronization action circuit
Unloading circuit
Or gate type valve shuttle application circuit
And gate application circuit of double press valve
Rapid exhaust valve application circuit
Magnetic induction type proximity switch application
Sensor application in control system
Relay control circuit

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