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Elevator Training Set (without PLC)

Model: DLFA-DT33

Overview of the elevator training set without PLC
The elevator training device can simulate the work condition of an industrial elevator, completing lift, open and closing of the door.
The elevator training system is composed of operation parts, car, control part, floor indicator and PC interface. Working parts contain a variety of industrial transmission devices, and industrial sensors, which can simulate the real structure of the elevator doors on/off. The control part uses three control methods: PLC, PC, and MCU in order to complete the control of the whole system operation.
The control panel has PLC control input/output interface and PC communication interface (without PLC host computer).

Technical parameters of the elevator training set without PLC
Total dimension: 310×300×580mm
Input power: single-phase, three-wire AC 220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
Output power: DC 24V safety terminal output
Capacity: ≤1KVA
Optional components of the elevator training set
Computer, computer table
PLC module PC software

Training contents
1. Open and close control experiment
2. Second floors inside choose up and down, open/close control experiment.
3. Third floors inside choose up and down control experiment
4. Third floors outer call up and down, open and close control experiment.
5. Third floors elevator comprehensive control experiment
6. PLC control experiment
7. MCU control experiment
8. PC software control experiment

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