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Filling Production Line Training System

Model: DLPCS-400

The DLPCS-400 filling production line training system is designed according to process control and production flow, based on Siemens S7-1200 PLC control system. It has a modular structure, which makes it flexible and easy to expand. The system platform is made of aluminum alloy components and uses a variety of mechanical transmission modes to simulate filling production lines. It mimics the actual industrial production of electrical control parts, various sensors and modern production configuration control, and industrial bus full display in the system.

Technical parameters of the filling production line training system
Input power supply: single phase~220V±10% 50HZ
Working environment: temperature -10℃~+40℃;
Relative humidity 35%~65 % (25℃) Altitude <4000M
Capacity: ≤1kVA
Air pressure range: 0.4~0.6Mpa
Full size: 1350mm×460mm×390 mm
Each station: 450mm×460mm×390 mm

Experiment/Training projects
1. Pneumatic technology cognitive and application
Air pump cognitive
Air source processor cognitive
Vacuum Generator cognitive and application
Various cylinder cognitive
Solenoid valve cognitive and application
Magnetic switch cognitive and application
Air hose connection cognitive
Speed connector cognitive
Solenoid valve installation and debugging
Cylinder installation and debugging
Air source processor installation and debugging
Various cylinder maintenance
Various solenoid valve maintenance

2. Sensor technology cognitive and application
Photoelectric sensors cognitive and application
Fiber Optic sensors cognitive and application
Magnetic sensors cognitive and application
Inductive sensors cognitive and application
Vaious sensor connection
Various sensor fault diagnosis, maintenance and repair
Various sensor application

3. Mechanical transmission technology cognitive and application
Belt conveyor cognitive and application
Cylinder conveyor cognitive and application

4. Industrial automation technology principle and application
PLC principle and application
PLC programming method and application
PLC programming of filling station
PLC programming of assembly station
PLC programming of handling station
PLC programming of warehousing station
S7-1200PLC Ethernet communication
Stepper motor and stepper driver application
S7-1200 PLC motion control programming method
S7-1200 PLC PID control programming method
Touch screen configuration and application

5. Students can learn the following skills through system training:
Dynamic real-time monitoring
Learn programming language of PLC and PC controller
PLC programming language
LD (Ladder Diagram)
IL (Instruction List)
SFC (Sequential Function Charts)
FBD (Function Block Diagram)
ST (Structured Text)
Production flow application
Mechanical and pneumatic assembly application
How to choose electrical components
Pneumatic technology application
Various sensor applications
Electrical schematic design and standard requirement of components symbols
Rational arrangement of the disk
Various sensor installation and sensitivity adjustment,how to judge the sensor quality and related troubleshooting
Debugging process: cylinder debugging, motor pilot run, mechanical position adjusting, sensor debugging, collection of various types of signals, single station debugging and debugging after connection to networking
Trainer fault diagnose and repair

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