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Training Equipment for Fire Alarm Linkage System

Model: DLLY-XF1

Overview of the training equipment for fire alarm linkage system
DLLY-XF1 system is often as a separate subsystem of the BAS (building equipment management system) of intelligent building three systems in intelligent building. The system through the parameters change of various detection equipment (smoke detector and temperature detector) in the fire-fighting system do the fire alarm, and through the related signals, and realize the linkage of the fire to control. The system can carry out various simulation fire and alarm linkage demonstration, the setting of the system, linkage programming, line design, networking, routes and set the judgment and exclusion of the fault training, etc.

Technical parameter of the training equipment for fire alarm linkage system
1, Training bench working power: AC220V±10 % 50Hz
2, Working environment: environment temperature range is -20℃ ~+45 ℃ relative humidity<85 %
3, Dimension: 1668mm*805mm*1484mm

Training content
1, System equipment cognition and wiring operation
2, Alarm controller, short circuit isolator, the installation and connection of linkage interface module
3, Installation, connection and using of fire shows disk
4, Installation and connection of various fire detectors
5, Installation and connection of intelligent input, output module, sound-light alarm, alarm button
6, Components address coding settings
7, Management operation of the system
8, Data query operation of system
9, Equipment start and stop operation
10, Single-point operation
11, Linkage programming
12, Judgment and processing of line fault
13, Judgment and correct of procedure setting errors
14, Design and install a simple application system

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