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Hydraulic Troubleshooting Training System

Model: DLYY-PGSX01

Technical parameters of the hydraulic troubleshooting training system
(1) Power Supply: three-phase four-wire ~ 380 ± 10% 50Hz/60Hz
(2) System rated pressure: 7Mpa, Rated flow: 9L / min
(3) Dual Motor: Rated power of 1.5kW, speed 1420r / min, insulation B
(4) Fuel tank: 650 dimensions (length) X600 (width) X200 (H);
(5) Bench Size: 1900 (L) × 720 (width) × 1800 mm (height)
(6) Vertical patch board size: 1200 (L) x 660 (W) x 33 mm (high)
(7) Central station body with oil spills and oil collection tray plate size: 1200 (L) x 620 (W) x 33 mm (high)

Training projects of the hydraulic troubleshooting training system
1. Theoretical part
(1) Basic knowledge of hydraulic system failure
(2) Hydraulic system fault classification
(3) Fault mode of hydraulic components and systems
(4) Fault Diagnosis basic content
(5)The method of hydraulic fault diagnosis
(6) Prevent hydraulic system failure
(7) Introduction of electrical control principle
(8) Automatic detection and sensor technology
(9) PLC control technology

2. Practical part
(1) Diagnosis and troubleshooting of the hydraulic pump failure
(2) Hydraulic components mismatch fault diagnosis and troubleshooting
(3) Hydraulic noise causes and elimination methods
(4) Pressure valve fault diagnosis and elimination method
(5) Fault diagnosis and elimination of shuttle valve
(6) Evaluation and Elimination of system failures
(7) Diagnosis and Elimination of hydraulic pressure maintaining failure
(8) System leak (internal leakage, outer leakage) diagnosis and elimination method
(9) Hydraulic components wear fault diagnosis and elimination method
(10) Speed control valve fault diagnosis and elimination method
(11)Electrical limit position adjustment method
(12) Analysis and troubleshooting of electrical wiring
(13) Hydraulic pipes piping training

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