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Position Control Trainer


Overview of the position control trainer
This position control training system can achieve running plane position control, and achieve precision instruments in the movement control by high performance servo motor.
This system use PLC to do the position control experiment, and achieve position control through a high performance servo motor. Controller and PLC control operations control the coordinate plane position.

Technical parameters of the position control trainer
Total dimension: 1200×750×1600mm
Input power: single-phase, three-wire AC
220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
Capacity: < 500VA

Optional components of the position control trainer
Computer, computer table
PLC module
Air compressor

Training project
1. The proximity sensors and reeds switch features
2. Mechanical parts and pneumatic part assembly and disassembly
3. System fault diagnosis and maintenance
4. Drawing electrical circuit diagram
5. Draw pneumatic principle diagram
6. The application of the test switch
7. The ball screw applications
8. 2 axis 3 dimension control system
9. The position control system
10. Motor X, Y control experiment
11. PLC digital input and output control experiment
12. Gear motor direction control
13. The principle and use of different sensors
14. PLC programming experiment
15. Integrated operation experiment
16. Motor position control experiment
17. 2 axle position control basic principle

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