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Electrician Assessment Training System for Power Supply and Power Distribution

Model: DLWD-5A II

Overview of the Electrician Assessment Training System
The electrician assessment training system can complete the training projects involving power distribution rooms with high & low voltage electrical equipment, monitoring and meter reading, power relay and relay protection, switching operation, atypical low-voltage electrical lines and other content. It can be used as power supply and distribution in professional training equipment and power distribution equipment on duty electrician training assessment platforms in vocational schools and technical schools.

DLWD-5A Ⅱ power supply and distribution on duty electrician training systems includes high and low voltage distribution cabinet, and an analog control panel composed of a variety of distribution assessment circuits. 10KV high voltage uses 0.4KV voltage level to simulate, various electrical use the real original GG1A-12 high-voltage power distribution cabinets, making it closer to the industrial field.

Technical Parameters of the Electrician Assessment Training System
Rated insulation voltage: DC 660V
Rated working voltage: AC 380V
Rated operating voltage of auxiliary circuit: AC 380V 220V
Busbar rated current: 100A
Branch busbar rated Current: 10-16A
Total dimension: 5600×800×2200mm

Training content
Training 1 Power on/off simulation of power distribution system
Training 2 Training on mutual inductor
Training 3 On-load voltage regulation of transformer
Training 4 Transformer switching operation
Training 5 Busbar switching operation
Training 6 Training on motors
Training 7 NO-time limit over-current protection
Training 8 Fixed time over-current protection
Training 9 Training of MCGS basic configuration
Training 10 Star and triangle training of motor
Training 11 Application of PLC software
Training 12 Zero sequence current protection training
Training 13 Non-electric parameter protection
Training 14 Incoming line standby power training
Training 15 Low-voltage protection training
Training 16 Zero sequence voltage protection training
Training 17 Negative sequence voltage protection training
Training 18 CT break line alarm training
Training 19 High-voltage breaker divide-shut brake operation training
Training 20 Training of three-phase asynchronous motor frequency control of motor speed
Training 21 Training of PLC and HMI

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