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Electrotechnics Training Set

Model: DLWD-ETBE12D730

Our DLWD-ETBE series of electrotechnics training set has obtained ten national patents. It is produced in strict accordance with the German teaching equipment standards. It integrates the advantages of advanced domestic and foreign vocational training teaching equipment and meets the requirements of vocational education and hands-on training.

The DLWD-ETBE12D730 electrotechnics training set can support the following typical training items. (Other necessary devices need to be purchased)
1. Lighting electric light and indoor lines
2. Power line
3. Forward rotation control circuit of the motor
4. Forward rotation and reverse rotation control circuit of the three-phase asynchronous motor
5. Step-down starting control circuit of the three-phase asynchronous motor
6. Braking control circuit of the three-phase asynchronous motor

1. Dimensions: 1600mm×800mm×1680mm
2. Single-sided double station, enabling two students to operate at the same time
3. Power box: Multi-channel three-phase five-wire power supply, multi-channel single-phase power supply
4. Input power: Three-phase five-wire system, AC380V, 50Hz/60Hz
5. The power box is equipped with protection devices against overcurrent, undervoltage, short circuit, and electric leakage.
6. Two stainless steel mesh plates, the size of which is 640mm×730mm, are attached. They can be removed if necessary.
7. The blue industrial aluminum column frame can be easily disassembled to facilitate transport.

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