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Electrical Safety Training Set

DLWD-SA2668B Safe Use of Electricity Training Equipment

Model: DLWD-SA2668B

Patent number: ZL2009 2 0315594.X

The DLWD-SA2668B electrical safety training set adopts German teaching and training mode, involving knowledge of all aspects related to safe use of electricity. It comprises 22 independent teaching modules, including power box, body resistance module, human body electric shock module, step voltage module, safety ground module, direct contact module, indirect contact module, and multiple safety protection modules, like leakage protection module, short-circuit protection module, insulation monitoring module, etc.

1. Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz/60Hz
2. Maximum power: 300W
3. Weight: 110kg
4. Dimensions: 1450mm×900mm×1850mm
5. A total of 68 experiments can be conducted on this electrical safety training set, such as resistance of the human body, harm of DC current on human body, operation and running of electrical equipment, protection against electric shock, and so on.

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