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Electrical Installation Training Set

DLDS-1214A Electrical Installation Training Equipment

Model: DLDS-1214A

1. Our DLDS-1214A electrical installation training set adopts the actual housing structure, which is in full compliance with architectural standards, and each room is separated from another. This approximates the actual work site and is in line with the guiding ideology of the World Skills Competition;
2. The room adopts a trapezoidal, open structure, which is exactly the same with the environment in the World Skills Competition. This enables the students to complete the installation of different lines in this three-dimensional space and master various installation techniques;
3. To facilitate training and simulation test, our electrical installation training set adopts the double-layer structure of mesh plate and wood board. During training, the mesh plate is used. It is easy to operate and it can be reused. During skill assessment, use wood board to simulate the real competition environment;
4. The electrical equipment troubleshooting module adopts field failures in real life. Students can grasp the specific application of different electrical devices in the professional field through the troubleshooting of electrical devices and lines.

Training Project
1. Ability to read and draw electrical diagrams
2. Electrical component selection, installation standards, technical standards, wiring standards and debugging capabilities
3. Ability to use common electrical tools and instrumentation
4. Installation of distribution box and electrical control box
5. Installation and commissioning capacity of electrical control system and lighting circuits
6. Ability to repair and maintenance electrical equipment
7. Specification of safe use of electricity
8. Installation and cognition of PVC pipe
9. Installation and cognition of metal pipe
10. Requirement on the bending degree of PVC pipe
11. Installation and cognition of various types of pipe joints
12. Installation and cognition of various types of lamps
13. Installation and cognition of all kinds of industrial and civilian sockets
14. Learn the differences and similarities of the electrical symbols in IEC standards and Chinese standards
15. Learn standard cable installation, pipe joint standards, and building electrical installation standards
16. Application of building electrical installation technology in the industry
17. Application of intelligent relay in the industry
18. Application of various instruments in the industry
19. Lighting electric light and interior lines

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