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Advanced Electro Hydraulic Training System

DLYY-DH202 Electrical Hydraulic Training Equipment

Model: DLYY-DH202

The DLYY-DH202 advanced electro hydraulic training system is developed according to the teaching and training requirements of vocational education. It integrates actual hydraulic components, execution modules, relay control unit, and PLC unit. Students can assemble various hydraulic circuits and control systems themselves.

With strong operability, this training equipment is suitable for the practical teaching of Hydraulic Transmission, Hydraulic Transmission and Control, Hydraulic Technology, and other related curses in vocational colleges, secondary technical schools and training institutions.

1. This advanced electro hydraulic training system adopts actual industrial components. The training process is clean with no oil leakage.
2. This product can be used to train basic hydraulic control and advanced hydraulic control. Meanwhile, proportional and servo control can also be implemented on this equipment.
3. This DLYY-DH202 training equipment is added with a PLC electrical control unit on the basis of the DLYY-DH101 product.

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