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Servo Hydraulic Trainer

DLYY-DH311 Servo Hydraulic Training Device

Model: DLYY-DH311

Experiment content that can be completed on this servo hydraulic trainer is described below.

Basic Hydraulic Transmission Circuit Experiments (over 30 kinds of circuits)
1. Pressure control loop
2. Single-stage pressure regulator circuit
3. Secondary pressure regulation
4. Single-stage pressure reducing circuit
5. Secondary pressure reducing circuit
6. Directional control loop
7. Commutation circuit of manual reversing valve
8. Commutation circuit of solenoid directional valve
9. Unloading circuit adopting overflow valve
10. Unloading circuit adopting reversing valve
11. Unloading circuit adopting "M"-type reversing valve
12. Pressure holding of the hydraulically controlled check valve
13. Speed regulation loop
14. Throttling and speed regulation of oil incoming passage
15. Throttling and speed regulation of oil outgoing passage
16. Throttling and speed regulation of by-pass oil passage
17. Speed synchronization circuit of speed control valve
18. Parallel circuit of control valve
19. Series circuit of control valve
20. Balance circuit adopting sequence valve
21. Sequential action circuit controlled by travel switch
22. One-way blocking circuit adopting pilot operated check valves
23. Two-way blocking circuit adopting pilot operated check valves
24. Locking loop adopting O-type reversing valve
25. Locking loop adopting pilot operated check valve
26. Differential control circuit
27. Throttling speed control circuit adopting throttle
28. Constant pressure throttling speed control circuit adopting speed - regulating valve
29. Reversing circuit adopting solenoid valve
30. Secondary pressure loop
31. Pressure holding circuit
32. Oil addition circuit
33. Servo valve commutation control
34. PID control and state control
35. Linear voltage divider control
36. Control loop optimization
37. Composition of control system with load

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