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Distance, Displacement Sensor Trainer

Model: DLCG-DS120

Training Projects
1. Structure and calibration of the sensor
2. Composition of the control circuit
3. Electrical wiring
4. Characteristics of proximity sensors and reed switches
5. Response curve of induction-style sensor
6. Classification and application of fiber optic sensors
7. Application of ultrasonic sensor
8. Rotating unit and counting unit
9. Speed measurement using penetration sensor
10. Comparison of technical data
11. Application of various sensors in the actual field
12. Application of distance and displacement sensor
13. Application of inductive sensor with analog output
14. Application of ultrasonic sensor with analog output
15. Passive and active sensors
16. Shaft drive applications and features
17. Control of the gear motor and displacement sensor
18. Position and speed detection using a rotary encoder
19. Color separation using a photoelectric sensor with analog output

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