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Five-axis Pneumatic Manipulator Training Device

Model: DLFA-5DPR-A

The DLFA-5DPR-A five-axis pneumatic manipulator training device can give a true simulation of the working condition of the industrial pneumatic robot, and it can complete the grabbing and transferring procedures of the robot in industrial assembly lines.

This training device is made up of the working portion, control portion, and the PC interface. The working portion is equipped with multiple industrial sensors. The control portion adopts three control modes, PLC control, SCM control, and host computer control, to complete the control of the whole system.

Main Technical Parameters
1. Working voltage: Single phase, AC 220V
2. Environment Temperature: -10℃~40℃
3. Environment humidity: ≤90% (25℃)
4. Capacity: ≤1KVA
5. Dimensions: 760mm×450mm×1366mm

Related Names
Mechatronics Experimental Equipment | Industrial Manipulator Arm Trainer | Robot Training Device

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