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DLMPS-205 Modular Flexible Manufacturing System Trainer

1. Description
The DLMPS-205 modular flexible manufacturing system trainer is composed of the distribution station, testing station, pick & place station, fluidic muscle press station, and sorting station. Each station is mounted on the grooved aluminum plates and the stations can be freely combined. Components of each station adopt modular design, so they are easy to set up, disassemble and maintain.

2. Working Principle
Distribution——Testing——Pick & Place——Fluidic Muscle Press——Sorting

3. Training Projects
a. Application of detecting switch
b. Application of various sensors
c. Application of hydraulic and pneumatic components
d. Application of PLC
e. Application of auto storage management
f. Application of two dimensional fixed point fetch
g. Pneumatic circuit wiring and electrical wring
h. Assembly and disassembly of mechanical and pneumatic parts
i. System fault diagnosis and maintenance

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