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Mechanical Assembly and Debugging Training Device

Model: DLQG-ZT501

1. The mechanical assembly and debugging training device is designed based on the working process of the mechanical installation and adjustment, including fitter basic operations, assembly, measurement & adjustment, as well as quality inspection.
2. This training equipment is composed of multiple mechanical modules, such as two-dimensional worktable, multi-stage gearbox, intermittent rotary table, automatic punching machine, etc. Trainings can be conducted for one special module or several combined modules.
3. Through training on this mechanical assembly and debugging training device, students can have their comprehensive abilities improved, such as mechanical drawing reading, selection and use of commonly used tools, assembly quality inspection, and so on.
4. Some typical knowledge points and skill points in the assembly of various kinds of mechanical equipment are involved. For example, assembly and adjustment of belt, chain, and other drive mechanisms, gearbox assembly, assembly and adjustment of bearings (like deep groove ball bearing, angular contact bearing, tapered roll bearing, and thrust ball bearing), ball screw assembly, assembly and adjustment of linear guide, detection of parallelism and verticality, and more.

Technical Parameters
Input power supply Single-phase three-wire, AC220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz
AC gear motor (1 piece) Rated power: 90W
Reduction ratio: 1:25
Dimensions (experiment table) 1800mm×700mm×820mm
Weight 600kg
Safety protection Leakage current protection

Training Projects
1. Fitter basic skills training
2. Gearbox assembly and adjustment
3. Assembly and adjustment of gear reducer
4. Assembly and adjustment of punch
5. Assembly and adjustment of intermittent rotary table
6. Assembly and adjustment of two-dimensional working table
7. Assembly and adjustment of mechanical transmission
8. Operation and adjustment of mechanical system

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