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Digital/Analogue Circuit Training System

DLDZ-165E Digital/Analog Circuit Training Device

Model: DLDZ-165E

Our DLDZ-165E digital and analogue circuits training system is composed of the manipulation platform, display screen, power box, zone for placing drawings, digital and analog electronic experimental zone, and oscilloscope placement area. It fully meets the experimental requirements of Digital Electronic Technology and Analog Electronic Technology.

This device is provided with personal and equipment safety protection measures, such as short-circuit protection, leakage protection, ground protection, emergency stop protection, etc.

Dimensions: 1800mm×850mm×1850mm

Experimental Projects
1. Assembly, commissioning and maintenance of power electronic circuits and digital circuits
2. Workflow of electronic product design
3. Assembly process of electronic products
4. Welding technique
5. The use of common instruments
6. Fast production of PCB

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Electronics Laboratory Equipment | Electronic Controls Design | Electronic Circuit Trainer | Electronic Teaching Equipment

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