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Electronics Installation Training Device

Model: DLDZ-ZJG03

The DLDZ-ZJG03 electronics installation training device is divided into three areas, which are testing and maintenance area, installation and welding area, as well as PCB production area. In each area, there is a mesh plate installed above. It is easy to be replaced and it brings convenience to expanding functions or developing new experiments. The power supply of each area is independent from each other.

Our product can meet the experimental requirements of welding, PCB production, as well as installing and debugging electronic devices. There is a zone dispatched for placing electrical tools and our product is equipped with a leakage protection device, making the using of this training device more secure and convenient.

Technical Parameters
1. Input voltage: Single-phase three-wire system, 220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz
2. Output power supply: AC 220V
3. Capacity: <1.5KVA
4. Working environment temperature: -5℃~40℃
5. Dimensions: 3468mm×800mm×1764mm (L×W×H)

Note: The blue column frame made of industrial aluminum profile can be easily removed, which makes it convenient to transport this training device.

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Electronics Learning Kit | Electronics Experimental Device | Technician Training Equipment

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