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Portable Digital Circuit Trainer

DLDZ-SD301 Digital Circuit Experiment Box

Model: DLDZ-SD301

The portable digital circuit trainer is a basic teaching instrument for Digital Circuit, Pulse Circuit, and other related courses. It is also one of the basic tools for research and development.

When designing the DLDZ-SD301 portable digital circuit trainer, we take full account of the experiment needs and absorb the advantages of similar products. Our product is well designed. It has stable and reliable performance. Doing experiments on this device is very convenient. This is conducive to improving the practical ability of the students.

Experimental Training Content
1. Transistor switching characteristics, amplitude limiter and clamper
2. Testing the electrical parameters of the TTL integrated logic gate circuit
3. CMOS integrated logic gate circuit parameters test
4. Gate circuit logic functions and test
5. Combinational logic circuit (Half adder, full adder and logic operations)
6. Trigger (part I): R-S, D, J-K
7. Trigger (part II): Tri-state output trigger and latch
8. Sequential circuit test
9. Application of counter and register
10. Application of decoder and data selector
11. Waveform generation and monostable trigger
12. Using gate circuit to generate pulse signal - Self-excited multivibrator
13. Monostable trigger and Schmitt trigger - Pulse delay and waveform shaping circuit
14. 555 time base circuit and its application
15. D/A and A/D converters
16. Intelligent contest responder - Comprehensive experiment
17. Electronic stopwatch - Comprehensive experiment
18. Three and a half DC digital voltmeter - Comprehensive experiment
19. Digital frequency meter
20. Tug-of-war game machine – Interesting, comprehensive experiment
21. Random access memory 2114A and its applications - Comprehensive experiment

Related Names
Digital Integrated Circuit Device | Electronic Control Equipment | Digital Logic Circuit Experimental Box

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