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Portable Analogue Circuit Trainer

DLDZ-MD801 Analog Circuit Experiment Box

Model: DLDZ-MD801

Dimensions: 490mm×350mm×100mm

Experimental Training Content
1. Single-stage amplifier circuit
2. Two-stage amplification circuit
3. Negative feedback amplifier circuit
4. Emitter follower
5. Common emitter amplifier circuit
6. Common collector amplifier circuit
7. Common base amplifier circuit
8. Complementary symmetry power amplifier
9. Testing basic parameters of the integrated operational amplifier
10. Integrated addition operation circuit
11. Integrated subtraction operation circuit
12. Integrated integral operation circuit
13. Integrated differential operation circuit
14. Proportional summation operation circuit
15. Integrated operational amplifier first-order active filter
16. Voltage comparator
17. Waveform generation circuit
18. Active filter
19. Integrated power amplifier
20. Integrated circuit RC sine wave oscillator
21. Rectifier filter and shunt regulator circuit
22. Series regulator circuit
23. Integrated voltage regulator
24. Waveform conversion circuit

Related Names
Analog Integrated Circuit Device | Electronic Circuit Simulator | Electronic Test Equipment

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