PCB Engraving Machine

Model: DLPCB-DM300

The DLPCB-DM300 engraving machine is applicable to the fast production of circuit boards in small quantities in the laboratory.

1. Processing capacity of drilling, milling, as well as producing blind holes and slots
2. Produce digital, analog, mixed digital-analog, RF and microwave circuit boards
3. Produce PVC, organic glass or aluminum panels and nameplates
4. Engrave flexible polyimide material
5. Dig blind slots on a microwave circuit
6. Control the engraving depth accurately
7. Repair and cut the circuit board on which components have been mounted

Technical Parameters
Min. conductor width/spacing 0.1mm(4mil)
Min. hole diameter 0.2mm (8mil)
Processing format 305mm×230mm
Spindle speed 60000rpm
Repeat positioning accuracy ≤±5μm
System positioning precision ≤±20μm
Drilling speed 100 time/min
No-load movement speed 150mm/s
Max. speed of contour milling 6mm/s
Power supply 220V AC/50Hz

1. German high-speed spindle, 60000rpm
2. Coaxial depth limit function
3. 20 cutter locations, electronically controlled automatic tool change
4. Independently-developed, patent-protected automatic graver depth adjusting technology
5. Imported precision three-axis mixed linear stepper motor driver
6. Our PCB engraving machine is attached with vertical hood, industrial dust collection system, high-resolution camera, diffuse reflection light source, control computer, and monitor.

Related Names
PCB Prototype Machine | Circuit Board Milling Machine | PCB Cutter

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