PCB Metallization Equipment

Model: DLPCB-TP300

The DLPCB-TP300 metallization equipment is used for carbon membrane hole metallization in the production of PCB. It realizes reliable interlayer conduction of PCB through the simplest and most reliable steps of degreasing, washing, black hole plating, drying, copper plating, and others.

Technical Features
1. Max. processable PCB size: 230mm × 305mm
2. Min. processable hole diameter: 0.2mm (8mil)
3. Desktop structure, with plate holding rack, scraper groove, fixture groove for easy operation
4. Five-tank design, including deoil tank, multifunction tank, black hole tank, electroplating tank, and OSP tank
5. The multifunction tank can be quickly turned into a wash tank or microetch groove according to different application needs
6. With an OSP processing tank, our product can coat a layer of organic anti-oxidation flux to the bare copper class of PCB
7. Use curved electrode to ensure the uniformity of the plating
8. With functions of swing, air agitation, and circulating filtration
9. Highlighted backlit LCD screen with touch buttons, ergonomic design
10. Use the motor with swing speed adjustable to adapt to plates with different thickness and to adapt to different hole diameters
11. Adopt titanium anode connection structure, effectively avoiding anodic corrosion
12. Low current module is configured to fit the pattern plating process
13. Use carbon black colloidal solution for activation
14. Cleaning water uses secondary acyclic way; there is no steady flow of sewage discharged
15. Power supply: 220V AC/50Hz
16. Total power: 0.8 KW
17. Weight: 36 kg
18. Dimensions(L×W×H): 1056mm×628mm×516mm

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