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PCB Double-sided Exposure Machine

Model: DLPCB-UV300

The DLPCB-UV300 double-sided exposure machine is applicable to the exposure of single or double-sided circuit boards which have been coated with photosensitive films. It is suitable for use in the photochemical transfer process of producing various PCB, nameplates, and hollow components.

Min. line width 3mil
Min. line spacing 3mil
Maximum exposure format 300mm×400mm
Light source Imported UV-A band lamp
Wavelength: 365nm
Production capacity 120PNL/h
Vacuum pressure ≤0.6MPa
Light-transmitting material Industrial specialized translucent membrane
Power supply 220VAC/50Hz
Power 0.2kW
Weight 15kg
Dimensions (L×W×H) 620mm×240mm×650mm

1. This machine is equipped with a built-in microcontroller which can set programs;
2. Our product is also provided with a LCD interactive interface and buzzer alarm.

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