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MCU Training and Testing Device

DLDP-YD510 SCM Training and Evaluation Device

Model: DLDP-YD510

Our DLDP-YD510 MCU training and testing device adopts a modular structure, including power supply, smallest single-chip system, ISP downloader, MCU simulated load, matrix keypad, nixie tube, logic level indication, logic level input, various I / O interface chips frequently used by microcontrollers, 122 × 32 dot matrix LCD application circuit, KEIL programming software, PROTEL drawing software, and others. The power supply unit can provide various low-voltage power supply required by experiments, such as ± 5V/1A DC voltage source, ± 12V/1A DC voltage source, and 5V/3A DC voltage source.

On this MCU training and testing device, students can finish a lot of training content, like the understanding of the smallest single-chip system, programming training, analog unit training, expansion of SCM, etc. Complete the training of basic skills, professional skills and job skills through the project content drafting, project analysis, project implementation, project summary, and capacity assessment.

Experimental training content
I. Electronic Part
1. Differential amplifier
2. Common-emitter single-tube amplifier
3. Two-stage transistor amplifier
4. FET amplifier
5. Negative feedback amplifier
6. Emitter follower
7. RC sine wave oscillator
8. LC sine-wave oscillator
9. Integrated operational amplifier indicator test
10. Basic application of integrated operational amplifier - Analog arithmetic circuit
11. Basic application of integrated operational amplifier - Waveform generator
12. DC stabilized power supply - Transistor regulated power supply
13. DC stabilized power supply - Integrated voltage regulator
14. Low-frequency power amplifier - Integrated power amplifier
15. Logic functions and parametric tests of TTL integrated logic gate
16. Logic functions and parametric tests of CMOS integrated logic gate
17. Design and test of combinational logic circuit
18. Decoder and its application
19. Data selector and its application
20. Flip-flop and its application
21. Counter and its application
22. Shift register and its application
23. Pulse distributor and its application
24. Using gate circuit to generate pulse signal
25. Monostable trigger and Schmitt trigger
26. 555 time base circuit and its application
27. Intelligence contest responder device
28. Electronic stopwatch

II. SCM Part
1. Binary code to BCD code conversion
2. Binary code to ASCII code conversion
3. Program jump table
4. Memory block movement
5. Data sorting
6. I / O
7. Counter
8. Timer
9. Digital clock
10. External interrupt
11. Basic I / O port experiment
12. Relay control experiment
13. A/D conversion experiment
14. D/A conversion experiment
15. Electronic organ simulation
16. Calculator
17. Static serial display
18. Dynamic scanning display
19. Query-based keyboard
20. Array-style keyboard
21. Buzzer sound experiment
22. RS232 serial communication of the SCM and PC
23. 16 × 2 dot matrix liquid crystal display
24. LED dot matrix display
25. 8255 expansion
26. Digital voltmeter
27. V / F conversion interface circuit
28. Digital frequency meter
29. Real-time clock experiment
30. Stepper motor motion control
31. DC motor control

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