Portable MCU Trainer

DLDP-SX1 SCM Experiment Box

Model: DLDP-SX1

Through our DLDP-SX1 portable MCU trainer, you can finish all experiments of interface expansion, data collection, data display, keyboard control, and timer.

Technical Parameters
1. Input: AC220V±10%, 50HZ
2. Output
DC stabilized power supply: 5V/2A, ±5V/1A, ±12V/1A
3. Working environment
Temperature: -10℃~+40℃, relative humidity: <85% at 25℃, altitude: <4000m

3. Experimental Training Content
I. Software Experiments
1. Memory block reset
2. Binary code to BCD code conversion
3. Binary code to ASCII code conversion
4. Hexadecimal to decimal
5. Table look-up experiment
6. Two four-digit hexadecimal numbers multiplication experiment
7. Two four-digit decimal numbers multiplication
8. Factorial experiment
9. Two four-digit hexadecimal numbers division experiment
10. Program jump table
11. Memory block movement
12. Timer experiment
13. Data sorting

II. Hardware Experiments
1. P1 port input and output experiments
2. Relay control experiment
3. Read data with 74LS245
4. Output data with 74LS273
5. Serial data to parallel data conversion
6. Parallel data to serial data conversion
7. PWM converter experiment
8. Audio control experiment
9. 8255 input and output experiment
10. 8155 input and output experiment
11. Query-based keyboard experiment
12. Array-style keyboard experiment
13. Counter experiment
14. Timer experiment
15. 8253 timer experiment
16. External interrupt experiment
17. Serial port communication experiment
18. ADC0809 analog-to-digital conversion experiment
19. DAC0832 digital-to-analog conversion experiments
20. EEPROM external program memory experiment
21. SRAM external data memory expansion experiment
22. 93C46 serial EEPROM data read and write
23. Digital clock
24. Temperature sensor simulation experiment
25. Temperature process control simulation experiment
26. Stepper motor simulation experiment
27. Calculator experiment
28. Digital frequency meter experiment

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