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Building Automation Training and Testing Device

DLLY-501A Building Automation Engineering Skills Training and Assessment System

Model: DLLY-501A

The DLLY-501A building automation training and testing device is specially developed for the vocational schools and vocational education training institutions. It relates to computer technology, network communication technology, integrated wiring technology, and DDC technology. It helps to improve the students' design, installation, wiring, connection, programming, commissioning, operating, and maintenance skills. It is suitable for the teaching and training in intelligent building, building automation, and other related majors.

Based on the intelligent architectural model, this training and testing device includes the typical structure of intelligent building, intelligent community, management center, and corridor lights. It contains six systems, which are intercom access, security, video surveillance, firefighting, integrated wiring, and DDC. Each system can run independently or in combination.

Use this equipment for project training to test the students' teamwork ability, organizational skills, building equipment installation and debugging capabilities, professional attainment, as well as communication ability.

Technical Parameters
1. Overall power input: AC220V, independent ground
2. Overall power output: AC220V, universal three-plug socket
3. Controlled protection methods: 16A single-phase leakage protection switch, DC switching power supply
4. Controlled power output: AC220V, DC24V, DC18V, DC12V, large safe pluggable interface
5. DC supply source power: DC24V×6A, DC18V×8A, DC12V×12A
6. Bus connection interface: small safe pluggable interface, 8-bit
7. Computer network interface: RJ45 (10/100Mbps)

Related Names
Building Control System Trainer | Building System Technician Equipment | Engineering Assessment Kit| Elevator Didactic Equipment

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