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Two Sets Group Control Elevator Trainer

DLLY-QDT262 Two Sets of Group Control Elevator Training Equipment

Model: DLLY-QDT262

The DLLY-QDT262 group control elevator trainer is composed of two sets of six floors elevators. Each elevator is controlled by one PLC and elevator call outside the car is managed in a unified manner. This approximates building elevator control in real life. Through this training device, students can not only have their fault detection and exclusion capacity improved but also learn the programming principles of multiple online PLCs, so their programming skills are improved.

Technical Parameters
1. Input power supply: Three-phase five-wire system, AC380V±10%, 50Hz
2. Rated power: ≤1KW
3. Environment temperature: -10℃~40℃
4. Relative humidity: ≤85%
5. Dimensions: (L×W×H): 1420mm×500mm×1800mm
6. PLC (programmable logic controller): S7-1200
7. Variable frequency device: G120
8. Control way: Switch quantity / digital quantity dual control and VVVF technology
9. Number of floors: 6×2

Experimental Projects
1. Knowledge of elevator electrical components
2. Elevator disk layout
3. Elevator installation
4. Electrical schematic design
5. Electrical wiring
6. Floor selection inside the car
7. Floor selection outside the car
8. Elevator acceleration and deceleration speed control experiments
9. Elevator leveling control experiment
10. Door opening and closing control inside the car
11. Car maintenance experiment
12. Terminal limit protection device experiments
13. Signal indicating system experiment
14. Car lighting control experiment
15. Elevator control system experiment
16. Elevator control programming experiment
17. Elevator program running and debugging experiments
18. Elevator group control experiment
19. Elevator closed-loop control experiment
20. Floor display experiment
21. BCD code experiment
22. Independent running experiment
23. Main floor docking experiment
24. Peak control experiment
25. Encoder installation training
26. Connecting the encoder with the frequency converter

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