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Portable PLC Training Kit

DLPLC-X1 PLC Experiment Box

Model: DLPLC-X1

The DLPLC-X1 portable PLC training kit integrates programmable logic controller, simulation software, and analog control brassboard. It enables students to finish the most typical six sets of experimental projects. It is equipped with communication programming cable. In addition, this training device has leakage protection function, short circuit protection function, and transistor output protection function.

1. On the inner surface of the box cover of this portable PLC training kit, there are multiple color solid figures. These vivid figures approximate the situation in the practical application in the industrial site. Through practicing on this device, the students will soon be able to adapt to the on-site work.
2. The system uses modern information technology of computer simulation. Through the three training levels of operation, simulation, and emulation, it solves the problem of vocational training theory and experiment inconsistent with practical applications.
3. Our experiment box integrates six typical PLC training modules, including motor control, traffic light control, mail sorting, manipulator control, transport car control, and temperature control. The hardware load power supply uses safe voltage to ensure the safety of the students.
4. A computer disc containing rich content, including PLC configuration, training instructions, and PLC experiment source code, is provided.
5. The PLC is from Mitsubishi, Siemens or Omron.

Technical Parameters
1. Dimensions: 470mm×375mm×190mm
2. Input voltage: Single-phase three wire, AC220V, 50Hz/60Hz
3. Capacity: <0.25KVA
4. Working environment
Temperature: -10℃~40℃, relative humidity: <85%

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