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Temperature and Pressure Measurement Trainer

DLPLC-YLJC1 Temperature and Pressure Detection Training Device


Our DLPLC-YLJC1 temperature and pressure measurement trainer is designed to simulate process control. It is a typical first-order control system. Due to its simple structure, strong operability, and no potential control risk, it has become the most typical training equipment for engineering control beginners.

1. This training equipment is composed of a liquid temperature control device and a pressure control device. Electrically, it consists of a PLC, heater, thermal resistor, temperature transmitter, temperature display instrument, and other components.
2. Adopting a modular design, our product is easy to maintain and modify.
3. The open hardware control platform is easy to dismantle and debug.
4. All main components are made of industrial grade process control element, so as to ensure the quality and reliability of the training equipment.
5. Our temperature and pressure measurement trainer adopts the modern information technology of computer simulation. Through the three training levels of operation, simulation, and emulation, it solves the problem that the traditional vocational training theory and experiment deviate from the actual applications.
6. Application guidelines and application engineering examples are provided.

Training Projects
1. Learn the constitution of a simple process control system
2. Grasp the principle of simple process control
3. Understand and use pressure transmitter
4. Understand and use flow transmitter

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