Industrial Automatic Control Trainer

DLGK-ACDE1300 Industrial Automatic Control Training System

Model: DLGK-ACDE1300

On our DLGK-ACDE1300 industrial automatic control trainer, students can complete experiments relating to electrotechnics, electric drive, PLC, frequency converter, text display, and others. They can digest multiple related technologies in their normal learning and training operations. This realizes educational resources sharing and optimizes the experimental teaching management.

Network Structure
Multiple DLGK-ACDE1300 industrial automatic control trainers can be connected through the 485 network to form a network classroom. The network topology structure is shown below.

Training Content
1. Conventional low-voltage electric principle and control
2. Use programmable controller to realize typical industrial control
3. Control of three-phase asynchronous motor
4. Frequency converter speed control and application control technology
5. Use programmable controller to realize electric control
6. PLC transmission control of the stepper motor
7. Communication of frequency converter speed control system
8. Automatic control system training
9. Industrial configuration software training
10. Basic instruction demonstration based on text display
11. Frequency conversion velocity modulation control of three-phase asynchronous motor based on text display
12. Function parameter setup and operation of frequency converter
13. Variable frequency open-loop control of three-phase asynchronous motor

Related Names
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