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Advanced Electro Pneumatic Training System

Model: DLQD-DP202

The DLQD-DP202 advanced electro pneumatic training system is added with electronic control units on the basis of DLQD-DP101 pneumatic training system. It uses a separate relay control unit and multiple buttons for electrical control. Users can also choose a PLC so as to further understand and master the PLC. The PLC can communicate with a PC to realize intelligent control.

Experimental Project Type (Different pneumatic loops and control systems can be formed by users themselves)
1. Basic pneumatic control loop experiment
2. Automatic control of single action cylinder
3. Automatic control of double action cylinder
4. Application of PLC control technology
5. Application of relay control technology
6. Other comprehensive, expanded pneumatic loop experiments

Examples of Basic Pneumatic Loop
1. Delay loop
2. Buffer circuit
3. Speeds change loop
4. Interlock circuit
5. Overload protection circuit
6. Secondary pressure control loop
7. High and low voltage conversion circuit
8. Single-acting cylinder speed control loop
9. Double-acting cylinder one-way speed control loop
10. Double-acting cylinder two-way speed control loop
11. Single-acting cylinder commutation circuit
12. Double-acting cylinder commutation circuit
13. Single-cylinder reciprocating control loop
14. Single-cylinder continuous reciprocating loop
15. Sequential action loop of straight-line cylinder and rotating cylinder
16. Multi-cylinder sequential action loop
17. Double cylinder synchronous action loop
18. Unloading loop
19. Application circuit of OR gate shuttle valve
20. Application circuit of AND gate double-pressure valve
21. Application circuit of quick exhaust valve
22. Application of magnetic inductive proximity switch
23. Application of the sensor in the control system
24. Relay control loop
25. PLC-controlled pneumatic circuit and system

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