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Residential and Building Intelligent Control Training System


Overview of the residential and building intelligent control training system
The Dolang residential intelligent control training system utilizes a full-digital distributed control system with automatic and centralized operation management to control all types of lighting, air conditioners, curtains, and other electrical equipment that relies on energy monitoring.

Technical parameter of the intelligent control training system
Input power: single-phase, three-wire AC 220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
Working environment: temperature -10℃ ~+40℃ ,relative humidity < 85% (25℃), altitude < 4000m
Power supply control: Automatic air switch on/off power supply, with overcurrent protection, leakage protection devices
Output power: DC24V/3A, with limiting current type short-circuit soft protection and self-recovery function

Training content of the intelligent control training system
1. KNX overall installation and wiring training
2. KNX Smart Panel Installation and wiring training
3. KNX switch value output module installation and wiring training
4. KNX smart curtain controller and wiring installation training
5. KNX logic controllers and wiring installation training
6. KNX twelve in one sensor wiring installation training
7. KNX dimming module and wiring installation training
8. KNX communication connections training
9. KNX software training
10. KNX programming and programming methods training
11. KNX cognitive and wiring of various components

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