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Training Device for Security Alarm System

Model: DLLY-FB1

General introduction to the training device for security alarm system
The DLLY-FB1 security alarm system training device is a comprehensive training device that features the latest detection technology and linkage equipment. When activated, it quickly sounds an alarm alerting you and sending a notice to the police. The training system allows students to fully master the integrated technologies of the equipment.
This training system can perform simulation security alarm system linkage demonstration for systematic setting, programming, and line design practice.

Technical parameter of the training device for security alarm system
1. Input power: AC220V 士15% 50Hz
2. Environment temperature:-20℃ ~+45 ℃
3. Capacity: < 1kvA
4. Dimension: 1668mm*805mm*1484mm
5. Security protection: with leakage automatic protection device.

Training content
1, Case simulation of anti-theft alarm system
2, Installation and connection of all kinds of the police probe and the mainframe
3, The mainframe, large LCD the basic operation of the keyboard and programming
4, Large alarm mainframe operation and programming
5, The use of six defense zone alarm host keyboard
6, the program and verify of limits of authority password
7, Validation of against the destruction functions
8, Setting of delay after arming.
9, The installation of cameras and alarm linkage
10, Anti-theft alarm software operation
11, Phone alarm
12, Security systems warning
13, Line fault judgement and processing
14, Design and build a alarm system

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